Transform your car into its Best Version

Not all auto detailing is the same

I'm Brad and I'm Queensbury's IDA Certified Master Detailer and owner of LEGENDARY Auto Salon. I set out on this journey with a goal and a why. I wanted to give people who care about their car, someone who understands them and will treat both their car and them with the same respect and honest experience I expected myself. To do this I needed to accomplish the following:

Strive to transform every car into the very best version.
Even when budgets exist, there's always a way to connect a person with an amazing experience even if that means simply sharing value and information

Strive to always understand and care about the connection you have with your car.
Your car means something to you. Be it a love affair, or a means to provide transportation to provide for your family, everyone has a story that's connected to their car ownership experience and I need to respect what that means to you.

Become a credible and unstoppable force within the car detailing industry by becoming as certified, trained and connected with others that I can not only deliver the best results, but drive the industry as a whole to another level.
To do this I've become IDA Certified, IGL Kenzo Master Applicator, Ceramic Pro Certified, SB3 Certified, GYEON Quartz Coatings Certified, XPEL Factory Trained. In turn this has led to my involvement in hosting training events for other rising detailing business owners, and networking with some of the best in the world at what we do.

Become recognized in the automotive industry.
My work is recognized with Carfax and registered on your vehicle's history report. Not via a manufacturer provided warranty process, but my shop itself. Every service done on your vehicle is tied to your vin. You can demonstrate to future owners of your car, the LEGENDARY level of care you took for it.

A safe and honest experience. That's my Value Statement to you.

Transform your Car into its Best Version. That's my Mission Statement to you.

Create and deliver THE Archetype for the automotive detailing experience as the industry matures and grows. That's my Vision Statement to you.

I invite you to join me, invest in this journey, and connect with your car on a new and LEGENDARY Experience.

Brad LaCross
CEO and Master Detailer


LEGENDARY Auto Salon works with auto detailers and vendors locally and all over the nation to raise the industry standards for YOU the consumer.
LEGENDARY Auto Salon not only details for clients but also hosts trainings for professionals to sharpen their skills technically and professionally.
You can trust you are working with a world recognized pro at LEGENDARY Auto Salon. Our name depends on your satisfaction.


Continual training, certification and education is how we keep at the bleeding edge of the detailing industry. Sharing this knowledge with other detailers, we help raise the bar for the entirety of the industry as well. We feel this helps grow the integrity and longevity of the ceramic coating and paint protection industry and in turn this will benefit everyone in consumer education, industry transparency and long term sustainability for us.
You will not find a more trained and certified detail shop to trust with your baby.

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