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Long Term Environmental Car Paint Protection

What does a CERAMIC COATING Application cost?

LEVEL 3 Ceramic Coating Package

Full LEVEL 3 Paint Correction & spot sanding for 90% correction

XPEL Fusion Plus Premium Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle's Paint & PPF (if applicable)

Full Wheels, Barrels & Calipers Coated

All Exterior Glass Coated

Includes 8 Year Warranty (see for details)

Small Starting at $2,495
Mid Size Starting at $2,995
Truck/SUV Starting at $3,495

LEVEL 2 Ceramic Coating Package

Premium Environmental Protection for your car's Paint
LEVEL 2 Paint Correction for 70-85% correction

XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle's Paint & PPF (if applicable)

Coat Wheel Faces

Windshield Coated

Includes 4 Year Warranty (see for details)

Small Starting at $1,995
Mid Size Starting at $2,495
Truck/SUV Starting at $2,995

LEVEL 1 Ceramic Coating Package

Entry Ceramic Coating Package for New Vehicles
LEVEL 1 Paint Correction for 60% correction to remove light surface swirls

Single Coat of Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle's Paint & PPF (if applicable)

Small Starting at $1,495
Mid Size Starting at $1,750
Truck/SUV Starting at $1,995

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a form of car protection that is applied to the car's paint and sometimes other surfaces as well. Installation of a ceramic coating starts as a liquid that as it cures, bonds with the paint at a molecular level. Over the curing process the resin hardens to form a flexible glass layer of protection. The ceramic coatings are like a very advanced form of waxing your car, except that the protection applied not only lasts years rather than weeks or months, it also protects far better against the environment and changes the behavior or the dirt and water on the surface, making the car easier to clean and stay cleaner longer.

A ceramic coating on your car's paint will give your car some interesting new benefits and properties both protective and desirable that also make a ceramic coating really amazing.

These benefits include:

✔Increased Depth of Gloss
✔Hydrophobic water repelling ✔Chemical Resistance
✔Added Clear Coat Hardness

The prices of a ceramic coating can vary, but over a long term such as 5 years, it is much more affordable and time efficient than wax. We will discuss this further below.

What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating for your car?

There are three main reasons to choose a ceramic coating package for your vehicle.

✔Enhance the vehicle appearance.

✔Protect the vehicle appearance.

✔Make it simple to maintain the vehicle appearance.

A Ceramic Coating is the modern way to environmentally protect the vehicle's paint. Car wax is a thing of the past. Even basic DIY automotive waxes are now incorporating ceramic coating technology because it's just plain better.

A professional grade ceramic coatings contain a resin and a carrier solvent that can be tricky to apply properly if the surfaces are not prepared well by a detailer. While you may be able to apply a consumer grade DIY coating at home in a spray form or even a bottle of easy to apply consumer grade, the results from a home based application and a professional application will be very apparent if there is any contamination left on the surface, and durability or number of years (if it even lasts that long) of the DIY coatings tend to be much lower. Like anything else, its a "get what you pay for" level of protection and you may find it more affordable to your time and installation quality to hire a professional detailer to install.
Ceramic Coating a Tesla

Easy Maintenance of your car paint with a ceramic coating

A ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic property to the car paint. Detailers refer to this hydrophobic property as the "self cleaning effect". The ceramic coating will aid in repelling dirt and liquids, making surfaces much easier to clean. It's a lot like the effect of a non-stick pan.

This means:
✔ Easier to Wash
✔ Easy Maintenance
✔ Stays Cleaner, Longer

The washing of your vehicle will be much quicker and easier. Once you have a car ceramic coated by a professional detailer, you'll question how you ever were able to keep a car clean without it.
Hydrophobic protection ceramic coating on paint

Improved Environmental Protection

After installation of the ceramic coating, your car will benefit from improved protection against:

✔ environmental contaminants
✔ UV damage
✔ insect acids
✔ light scratches
✔ fading

Part of the protection the coating provides, is that it becomes a sacrificial layer to environmental hazards. The sun, rain, bugs, and nature can and will all cause damage to your car's clear coat. A ceramic coating will give you that extra barrier of protection from these things, without the need to constantly apply a protectant like a wax. All ceramic coatings are also somewhat self-healing, but don't be oversold on this protection. Relying on your ceramic coating to protect your car from physical damage is like relying on a t-shirt to keep you warm in a snowstorm. It might help, but what you really want is a winter coat. If you are looking for physical protection, the best investment toward a protective solution available is paint protection film, which we also offer here.

What does a Ceramic Coating Package Include?

applying XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating on a car

Our premium coating packages include paint polishing as well as necessary cleaning prep, polishing and application to get a Legendary level result. eramic coatingcarovide protection for several years without any reapplication and are available with warranties to provide confidence in your protection purchase. Expect a high quality ceramic coating like this to last 5 to 7 years. The warranty on a ceramic coating is not a clear indication of how long it will perform or last, so make sure you are paying for a protective solution vs a warranty that gives a false sense of protection.

Additionally, your ceramic coating package can be upgraded for enhanced visual appearance by selecting various levels of added paint correction. Talk to us about additional paint correction if you're looking for show car level results.

the best car ceramic Coating installation in Queensbury and the Warren, washington and Saratoga Counties

In short, your car will receive the best detail it may ever receive, performed by expertly trained and IDA certified professionals, polished to a LEGENDARY level of shine, and then protected by a certified application one of the finest ceramic coating applications available on the market today. Comparatively priced to dealership protection offerings, but performed with a true protective product in a systematic way to ensure quality results, no steps are skipped. We used everything from brand new  microfiber towels and polishing pads, to premium chemicals and clay on your car for the installation because our name and reputation depend on how your car looks and the experience we provide. If you want the best results achievable, look no further than LEGENDARY Auto Salon for your ceramic coating.
Ceramic Coating Corvette



Ceramic Coatings, also called Glass Coatings or Quartz Coatings, are the most capable form of protection from UV and Chemical Damage we can utilize. The bonding molecule that provides the protection is SiO2, or Silica Dioxide. A solvent carrier is used to apply the SiO2 to the paint and other surfaces. The solvent evaporates out and leaves the SiO2 behind to cure and bond to the surface.


Unfortunately there is a bit of irresponsible marketing in the Coating world. Coatings are not thick enough nor hard enough to withstand scratches from say a dirty wash mitt, a key, or a rock chip. They do produce a slightly harder surface than the paint itself, but not enough to withstand this type of damage. The 9h Hardness measure that is used describes the Coating’s “vertical hardness”, or its ability to withstand penetration from UV and chemical damage and keep it from reaching the paints finish. That is what we are asking Coatings to do. We coat cars so that they still look good years down the road, and do not suffer from the slow roll of UV and environmental contamination that degrades the finish. Where a Coating can play in to scratch resistance is by producing and extremely repellent and slick surface, so that the surface lets go of loose dirt that you would otherwise move across the paint when washing and minimize the friction between the dirt, your wash mitt, and the paint.


The chemical makeup of Ceramic Coatings does three very important things differently than that of a wax or sealant. Firstly, it is capable of bonding to the surface underneath for a matter of years where we see a few months out of most waxes or sealants. Secondly, the chemical makeup of the Ceramic Coating is able to withstand penetration of UV and harmful environmental contaminants to keep your paints finish from degrading over time due to exposure. Thirdly, the Coating produces a highly repellent surface, where dirt and contaminant is rejected instead of absorbed in to the surface. This keeps the surfaces cleaner longer and makes regular wash maintenance very easy and safe.If you’re interested in booking an automotive ceramic coating from our Queensbury facility, simply select your preferred package above.


The durability of any Ceramic Coating is directly related to two things. First, how and where the vehicle in question lives its life. Is it a California car that sees perfect weather or a Upstate New York car that will see all four seasons? Is it a weekend toy or is it a daily driver? Where the car lives and the environment it is exposed to plays heavily in to any Coatings durability. The more intense the environment it is exposed to the less durability we can expect. The kinder the environment the more durability we can expect. Secondly, is the maintenance program the car enjoys. All Ceramic Paint Coatings require a bit of maintenance. If the car is kept clean where dirt and contaminant is not able to build up on the surface over several weeks or months and the Coating is kept healthy then we will see extended durability. There is no one size fits all and there are no permanent coatings.


Every service has a DIY equivelent. So of course you can do it yourself. Will the results be similar is the real question however. Consumer grade coatings come in a wide range of qualities that don't need to meet the discerning expectations of professional detailers. They may last less time, or not perform as well in some cases. In other cases the solvents may damage your paint, trim or be hazardous to your health to apply. A larger portion of the process comes down to the quality of prep work performed as well. Results are going to be greatly dependent on how good you can get the paint clean of any surface contamination as well as appearance before sealing it in. If you make mistakes or leave high spots and haze, it may be costly to have that repaired by professional detailer, even more costly than the initial installation would have cost due to needing to remove the coating. Choosing a professional will allow you the peace of mind to know it will be done right the first time and your car will be protected.

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