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Trust the professionals at LEGENDARY Auto Salon to give your car a maintenance cleaning, restorative paint correction, or ceramic coating protection like no other.

Auto detailing services can be divided into two categories, cleaning/restorative services and protective services.

Cleaning and Restoration Detailing Services

Utilizing specialized tools and chemicals, we are able to achieve a level of cleaning service that will have you loving your car again. In Upstate New York, we recommend maintenance detailing services every season or at least bi-annually.
Do you want an even better appearance for your paint? Paint Correction is a restoration level service that can repair or improve the clarity of the paint on your car.

Protective Detailing Services

Car protection services are what we do after we clean and prepare a car. They will help keep the vehicle easier to clean while also protecting the vehicle from the environment or even with some levels of protection, physical damage. The services we provide to protect your car are Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting.

Car Detail Packages

Level 1 Full Detail

Interior / Exterior Detailing

Looking for a basic cleaning service for you car, but want it done well and by professionals?

Re-experience what it was like to drive your car new. An interior focused cleaning the LEGENDARY way. All surfaces are sanitized and cleaned with specialized tools and brushes. Steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing, professional level extraction, and deep cleaning will reset your interior to clean and fresh.

*all vehicles subject to inspection, excessive conditions may require additional service. Example: stains, spills, pet hair, trash, kid messes, heavily soiled carpets/headliners, salt/lyme deposits, odors

Exterior: foam presoak, hand wash,  paint sealant applied, wheels cleaned and dressed

Interior: vacuum, seats and carpets steam cleaned, glass cleaned, door jambs wiped down

Cars $395+
Trucks & Small SUV $495+
Large SUV  $595+
Extended SUV $695+


Reset the exterior of your car with a service beyond a standard wash. The Exterior Detail service is a maintenance level exterior detailing for cars WITHOUT ceramic coatings. This detail will clean and decontaminate your vehicle of iron fallout, sap, tar, road grime and salt and protect the surfaces with a paint sealant. This service is for when your car needs a little more than just a hand wash, or you need a routine sealant protection re-applied.

- Foam Bath
- Two Bucket Hand Wash
- Undercarriage Wash
- Chemically Decontaminate Paint using liquid clay bar
- Deep clean wheels using specialized wheel cleaners
- Dress tires
- 6 Month Paint Sealant Applied

*This is not a paint corrective detail.
Cars $295
Trucks & Small SUV $395
Large SUV $450


Exterior Coating Maintenance Detail

For cars ceramic coated by LEGENDARY Auto Salon this is themaintenance service used to prolong the coating life and provides a conditioning of the existing ceramic coating. Recommended every 6 months or annually at minimum.

Decon Foam Bath
Hand Wash
Chemically Decontaminate Paint and neutralize road salt
Iron Fallout Remover
Spot Claying as needed (full claying will require polish and recoat if car was not maintained)
Hydrate existing ceramic coating with Coating Booster / Maintenance product
Deep Clean/Dress Wheels & Tires

Pre purchased Price *see advisor for details :
Small $220
Mid Size $275
Large $330


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