Why Ceramic Coating Instead Of Wax?

June 22, 2021

Wax is sticky, collects debris, and if you leave a container in high heat or cold its ruined, just like it will be on the surface of your car.

It's protection is on par with old time medicinal remedies and unless you're driving a horse and buggy it's not going to give you the lasting protection that modern technology has brought us.

Available to you now are durable, long lasting, replacements for wax and polymer sealants in the form of our Nano Ceramic Coatings that offer superior, slick, chemically and environmentally resistant protection.

We offer them in a range of packages from a budget considerate introductory package, to a lifetime durable package with added hardness and swirl resistance.

There are some consumer range offerings available directly to you for application, but these require some know-how still and their durability will be limited to the formula and your expertise and environment for prep work.

Some detailers may also offer these consumer coatings when they cannot meet the requirements set forth by Ceramic Coating distributers for professional application and they will be limited to the same constraints of application of these consumer offerings you would be applying them yourself.

Legendary Auto Salon offers only professional grade coatings, requiring certification of installation, environmental considerations, application technique, and superior prep work to apply.

Our high solids coatings from Ceramic Pro offer superior protection and require expert level installation skill. Think, applying a substance similar to the consistency of glue over a car and having it lay level, clear and even. It's not something that can be properly applied in the sun, outdoors, in a dusty garage, or in the case of the 5 year coating and up, even within a day's time. They require dry time for solvent release and must not be exposed to humidity or water or the solvents will reactivate. You wouldn't have clear coat sprayed on your car in an afternoon and drive the same day either. Professional level results take time, and for our time conscious clients, we have 2 packages that use a different formula to meet those demands.

When applied properly in one of our lifetime packages, and maintained, our Ceramic Coatings will outlast any other offering on the market today.

Furthermore, our experience and streamlined processes allow us to install at a price point comparable to what you might get from a shade tree installation.

Why would you choose an inferior option?

Wax is dead.

If you have a vehicle you want to have easy to keep clean, stay cleaner longer, shine like never before, and be as slick as premium silk, contact us for a consultation. You'll join the list of clients happy they did.