What's a Level 3 Ceramic Coating?

October 19, 2021

What is a Level 3 Ceramic Coating?

Premium ceramic coatings can often take a few days.

This big truck is mid process of our multi-layer ceramic coating application.

It’s not the same coating being applied multiple times. It’s a chemically different formula being applied as a base layer vs the upper, creating what we refer to in house as a super coating.

If you want the highest levels of ceramic coating protection, check out our Level 3 Ceramic Coating package.

This package includes:

Level 3 paint correction to achieve the best finish in the paint possible without full wet sanding or repainting. (90 - 95% transformation depending on vehicle's paint system)

Multi layer GYEON Duraflex or Mohs+ Ceramic Coating (we will discuss the differences in which we select in a later blog)

◾GYEON Infinity Warranty available (a freedom of choice warranty we will discuss in a later blog)

◾Wheels deep cleaned and face of wheels coated.​

◾All glass coated

◾IR Curing of Coating

◾Interior Cleaning

◾Carfax registration of Protection

Available only at LEGENDARY Auto Salon

Transform your car into its best version.