What to do during the break-in period of a new C8 Corvette

October 11, 2021

Before you break in the engine, make sure you’re not breaking in the paint!

GM knows that the first thing you want to do when you get your new C8 Corvette is to put the foot to the floor. However, they have a designated break-in period they expect owners to abide by in order to properly prepare the vehicle for a long and healthy life. The car actually limits revs past a certain point, preventing you from getting into it on the Go-Pedal too soon.

During this time, it's the perfect time to have LEGENDARY Auto Salon apply paint protection film, as well as any other protection and detailing services such as ceramic coating.

Why install paint protection film while the car is new?

You don't want rock chips!!!!

Putting the paint protection film on right away, prevents those rock chips and keeps the car's paint show room new for the life of the vehicle.

Here's a great example:

We took this gorgeous C8 from beautiful to Legendary and delivered something traditional detailing can’t, confidence to drive without fear of damage. Wrapping most of this car up with XPEL Paint Protection Film is going to provide our client with fearless driving and ownership, something every car enthusiast values highly. We also went all out with XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating on the PPF as well as GYEON Duraflex on the remaining painted surfaces. Making everything easy to clean, and environmentally protected.

We combined this coating the wheels and the calipers.

Lastly we protected all the premium leather, carpets and all the touches inside the 3LT loaded interior with Coatings as well.

Fully protected! Truly Legendary!

Want to learn more about XPEL Paint Protection film and our paint protection process at LEGENDARY Auto Salon in Queensbury, NY? LEGENDARY Auto Salon has protected many new Corvettes locally in Queensbury, NY and we'd love to protect yours too. LEGENDARY Auto Salon is Factory Trained and Certified from XPEL, meaning you get the best installation possible, and a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.