What if it rains after getting a ceramic coating?

July 18, 2022

Are you trying to find a level of protection for your car? Consider getting a ceramic coating to protect your car’s paintwork from the elements. Your vehicle will be protected from severe weather and much more with ceramic coatings! See how ceramic coatings function and what happens to ceramic coatings when it rains by reading this article from Legendary Auto Salon!

How can a ceramic coating help our vehicles?

Both old and new cars will benefit from a high quality ceramic coating. Here are some remarkable benefits of ceramic coatings that you need to be aware of!

UV radiation protection for your car

In addition to health risks, continuous UV exposure can dull and discolor the paint on your car. This is particularly true if you frequently leave your automobile parked outside. Thanks to ceramic coatings that lessen oxidation and UV damage, your vehicle will continue to shine for longer.

Give it a high-gloss finish.

Your car's surface will be shielded and given a gorgeous, mirror like sheen with a high quality ceramic coating. It will bring out the best features of your original paintwork, returning your car's appearance to the standard it had on the day you drove it out of the dealership!

Protect your car paint.

Your paint surface is exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals every time you drive. On the body of your car, ceramic coatings provide a strong, protective barrier that keeps any outside particles from damaging the surface. Without having any noticeable effects on your vehicle, it can withstand significant quantities of damage like fading, oxidation, and chemical stains. 

Hydrophobic Features

Ceramic coatings effectively repel water. These surfaces cause water to condense into beads, but the coating is so durable that these little balls of water roll off the automobile and pick up dirt as they go. Every time it rains, the coating's hydrophobic features ensure your car's paint gets cleaned!

If it rains, does ceramic coating fail?

Any water based contaminant will prevent the cross link connections from eventually forming, whether the water is tap water, acid rain or rainwater. This might result in early coating disintegration. As a result, washing and driving in the rain are not advised during the first week following application.

How can you prevent rain damage after ceramic coating application?

An additional layer of protection is put on the coating using a ceramic coating reinforcer, limiting penetration by rainfall and other destabilizing factors.

Along with the hydrophobic coating, it will add an additional layer of defense. Avoiding rain for a week after having your automobile coated is essential because the coating needs time to cure thoroughly.

The curing time for ceramic coating

The curing process lasts between two and three weeks, depending on environmental factors like humidity and temperature. Within the time frame given, exercise prudence. The coating's hydrophobic properties may help to prevent water stains on your clear finish, but they do not make it immune to hard water stains or make your car indestructible. Compared to the factory finish, the coating is less prone to scratches, but it is especially prone to water stains during curing, which can be expensive to remove.

Why should you visit Legendary Auto Salon for ceramic coating?

Who doesn't appreciate a brand-new, shiny vehicle? The surface of your car is shielded by ceramic coating, which also leaves a gorgeous shine for everyone to enjoy. It will enhance the most outstanding features of your car's original paint job and restore the appearance it had the first time you drove it!

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