Removal of Paint Protection Film

October 7, 2021

Removing ppf from this Boss 302 to put down some XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film.

This car had a partial hood, fenders and a partial bumper as well when it arrived.

We will be protecting the full front so that this Legendary car gets the protection it needs.

Modern paint protection film is designed to be released from the paint if it becomes damaged. Like a temporary skin or armor for your car's paint.

Using hot water or steam, we carefully pull back on the film and "unzip" it from the paint.

Now that the paint protection film is removed, we will detail and clean the car, polish the paint to get an unmatched level of gloss, and then apply the new XPEL Ultimate Plus film which is warrantied for 10 years from yellowing, and fade.

We will followup this protection installation with a ceramic coating also from XPEL called Fusion Plus. The Ceramic coating will make the film AND the paint easier to clean, super slick and very very glossy.