Paint Protection Film will change how you care for your car

January 13, 2022

I promise you. What I’m doing is just the start of an industry that changes the way we own and care for cars.

Right now people often view PPF as too expensive. Instead they’ll spend thousands trying to protect the appearance of their vehicle completely missing the target with other fads and overhyped solutions.

The answer is and was right here, and before you know it, it’ll be more common to see a car protected in ppf than not.

The technology is getting better and better. The installers getting more and more skilled.

It’s no longer just clear. We have colors and various finishes.

Self healing technologies repair the marring done if you’re a sloppy washer or you neglect it. Worst case you pull it off and start over if it gets too damaged.

No more polishing. No more worrying about manufacturers not putting on enough clear coat. No more worrying if you made the right choice in color when you order your car. No more worrying about your partner driving your car too close to the guy in front of you and arguments starting over getting a rock chip that could have been avoided if you kept the better distance on the highway.

This film, ppf is and will change an industry of car care and it’s only just begun.

Drive and own your car with confidence. The feeling is LEGENDARY.