Is it wise to ceramic coat your car?

June 15, 2022

Many car owners want their car to look the same as the day they left the showroom! While looking for options, they'll almost always come across something called ceramic coating. So, is ceramic coating suitable for your car? Let's find out with Legendary Auto Salon in this article!

When it comes to ceramic coating: what are your thoughts?

Ceramic coating is a chemical that is manually applied to your car's paint. Unlike conventional wax, which rests on the surface and is readily washed away, ceramic coating adheres to the surface and can last up to four years, depending on the material. As a result, your car will have a permanent glossy finish that looks shiny and new.

Why should your car be ceramic coated?

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, ceramic coating your car has several other significant benefits. Listed below are a few of these advantages:

Protecting the car from UV rays

Long term exposure to the sun's UV rays causes issues. Extreme heat can induce oxidation, resulting in fractures or fading in the paint. A ceramic layer serves as an umbrella, repelling harmful radiation and protecting your vehicle from adverse effects. A regular washing practice and a ceramic coating can significantly increase the life of your paint and prevent the risk of the clear coat failing.

Protecting against harmful substances like bird droppings and grime

Uric acid and enzymes are abundant in bird droppings and bug guts, and if not removed, they can dissolve into your car's exterior. Mud and grime do the same thing when left in the light for too long. The cost of repairing this type of damage is high, and one of the best methods to minimize it, is to use a ceramic coating. The lacquer layer bonds to the paint, preventing contaminants from penetrating.

Hydrophobic features

Calcium and other mineral deposits in water can create stains on your vehicle over time. Keeping your automobile dry, especially during the rainy season, is easier said than done. One of the main advantages of a ceramic coating is the hydrophobic properties that it gives your car, meaning that water molecules are repelled and readily glide off when they come into contact with the product. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to wipe your car down every time it gets wet.

Increases the longevity of the paint

Your car's paint job and entire exterior will become more durable due to the additional layer of protection. Also, even after years of use, the paint will remain lustrous. Furthermore, the ceramic covering will shield your vehicle from various physical threats.

Is ceramic coating a good investment?

The answer is definitely, yes. As shown in this article, ceramic coating has a slew of benefits that can assist you in getting more value out of your car in the long run. It will help keep your car clean as well as maintaining the market value of your vehicle. So, you can spend the time driving and enjoying your automobile instead of worrying about how to keep it looking good!.

Ceramic Coating at Legendary Auto Salon

Ceramic coatings are excellent products that provide outstanding protection against the environment and the grime of everyday driving. At Legendary Auto Salon, we provide high quality products that make your car look fantastic. Please schedule an appointment at 75 Carey Rd, Suite 3, Queensbury, NY 12804, or contact +1(518)932-5867 if you are looking the most excellent ceramic coating services in town!