How much does paint protection film (PPF) cost?

July 25, 2022

The UV rays from the summer sun and the road salt in the winter are just two of the challenges your car faces while driving. The question of how to maintain a good looking paint job is something many car owners often ask. You want your vehicle to have a beautiful finish to ride in style without getting new car paintwork every year. This may be why you're considering buying a paint protection film for your vehicle. Your vehicle's paint protection film (PPF) protects it from environmental threats such as acid rain, stone chips, stain resistance, and UV rays. There is much interest around the price of paint protective film. The cost of paint protection film (PPF) will be covered in this article by Legendary Auto Salon, along with tips on maximizing your budget. 

What factors determine the price of paint protection film (PPF)?

The standard response to the question of how much PPF costs depends on several factors. The cost of your paint protection film installation will depend on several different criteria. Why does PPF have such a broad range of prices? Let’s find out!

PPF coverage

The first thing to think about is how much of the car will be covered. The majority of PPF providers offer full and partial body covering. Undoubtedly, if you want to ensure the entire car is protected, you will have to pay more. A complete installation will take more time and materials than a partial installation. Partial jobs might range in price. Some businesses offer numerous choices for coverage. A complete front end package includes the majority of the high touch regions in the car. Additionally, you might be able to purchase a front bumper and partial hood packages, which defend the car's most exposed areas.

Your car's state of condition.

Your vehicle's condition has an impact on PPF expenses as well.

The specialists installing it must carry out prior work to guarantee that your car is prepared for PPF. The film might not properly stick to your vehicle if you don't prepare it properly. If the professionals don't take the time to ensure that your car is adequately prepared, you could experience issues later. The team will take less time installing PPF on your vehicle if it is in good shape. If your car isn't in top condition, getting it ready may require much more time and effort. Your PPF installation's price will be affected by this.

The shape of your vehicle

Another element that could affect installation costs is how challenging it is to apply Paint Protection Film (PPF) to your car. It takes some shaping or molding to make a two dimensional paint protection film fit around a three dimensional item. It must be altered to do all your car's curves and shapes.

Therefore, applying PPF to vehicles with distinctive design elements or robust shapes takes longer. The labor cost of your PPF project may be determined partly by this factor. 

Is PPF really worth the cost?

The response is almost always "yes"! By protecting your car from UV radiation, acid rain, rock chips, and road salt, PPF goes above and beyond to maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Your car will look fantastic for longer, thanks to the all year protection. It's more affordable than having the car repainted or buying a new vehicle every few years. PPF protects your investment. It raises the value of your vehicle as well. 

Paint protection film (PPF) at Legendary Auto Salon

XPEL PPF, offered by Legendary Auto Salon uses the latest technology and improves the overall appearance of whatever surface it is applied to. Your car's paint is protected against road debris by XPEL PPF. The highest quality, longest lasting, and most effective adhesion of any PPF currently available is provided with cutting edge technology, premium materials, and strict quality control standards. When you go to Legendary Auto Salon, you'll get excellent guidance and be able to choose packages that are suitable for your car. Legendary Auto Salon is confident that our packages will bring you 100% satisfaction! 

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