How long should it take to detail a car?

June 15, 2022

Dust, filth, and muck accumulate on an automobile after years of use, reducing it’s aesthetic appearance, lowering the performance and decreasing its market value. So, what can be done to bring the car's appearance back to life? 

Car detailing is the straightforward answer. Car detailing is a cleaning method which can help to restore your car's appearance and value by removing dust, debris and damage.

However, how long should it take to detail a car? This is a question that vehicle detailers and car owners alike frequently ask. This procedure necessitates a significant amount of time and effort, and the size of the vehicle determines the length of time the process will take. 

We will address all of your queries about automobile detailing in this article. Let's get started with Legendary Auto Salon.

What influences the length of time it takes to detail a vehicle?

It usually takes 3-5 hours to detail a medium sized car. However, some automobiles can take a bit longer. Several aspects can cause a lengthy detailing process, such as:

  • The amount of dirt and damage on your vehicle. Your vehicle may get muddy, and filthy after being driven for several days. Many people do not adequately maintain their vehicles. Car detailing for such automobiles takes a long time. It’s obvious that the worse the condition of your car, the longer the detailing process will take. 
  • The length of time it takes to detail a vehicle is determined mainly by its size. It will take a maximum of 6 hours to detail a regular sized car. However, if you own an extra large sized car, it will usually take  3-4 hours longer than a regular sized automobile.

When getting a car detailed, how long does it take?

Calculating the time spent detailing a car might be difficult. Car detailing is the result of combining two distinct processes: exterior and interior detailing. As a result, we must do both processes and then time them separately. Then, to determine the precise time, add the times of both techniques together. So, let's look at the method and time for both exterior and interior automobile detailing.

How long does an exterior detail take?

The initial step for a car detailing process is to clean, restore, and polish the vehicle's exterior. This is where an auto detailing center comes in handy. You will obtain the feeling of driving your automobile out of the dealership like the day you first bought it, if you can invest the right amount of money in car detailing. First, you must repair the damaged part of the car's exterior and repaint the discolored area. Another aspect that we must pay attention to is paint repair. Make sure your car's paint is protected before proceeding. The vehicle must then be cleaned. Generally, car wash soaps such as decon soap blocks are used to wash the exterior of your car.

After that, a microfiber towel should be used to wipe it down. Finally tire shine, is utilized to make your car look brand new. It takes about 2-3 hours to do the entire process.

How long does an interior detail take?

It's a shame that automobile owners are less concerned about the inside of their vehicle's cleanliness than they are about the exterior appearance. The interior cleaning activities of the car are pretty tricky and time consuming, which could be the explanation. Furthermore, cleaning the internal parts is substantially higher than the cost of cleaning the outer parts. Each component must be thoroughly cleaned with water, soap, and cleaning solution, and then the excess water must be wiped away. The whole procedure takes 3 to 4 hours. So, if you want a comprehensive detail, expect it to take from 5 to 6 hours 

Where is the best destination for car detailing?

The car detailing procedure can take from a few hours to a day or more, depending on how much grime there is within your vehicle and how thoroughly you want it cleaned.

Consider the case where you choose a full-service detail package. In that situation, you should invest some time with a professional detailing company such as Legendary Auto Salon, who will clean your vehicle's inside and out and give you the best customer service at the same time! To arrange an appointment, bring your vehicle to Legendary Auto Salon, 75 Carey Rd, Suite 3, Queensbury, NY 12804, or call +1(518)932-5867.