How long does window tint normally last

May 27, 2022

Are you seeking a long lasting strategy to make your vehicle more private? Or do you favor the sleek appearance of vehicles with dark tinted windows? The best choice is to tint the windows of your car. It enhances the appearance of practically any car while also providing sun protection and increased privacy. Customers frequently ask how long window tint lasts. Legendary Auto Salon will answer in this article.

What does the term "window tinting" mean?

Window tinting is applying a translucent layer of film to the inside of a vehicle's windows. This method aims to limit the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that enters the vehicle's interior. Still, many people tint their windows simply because they believe it looks fantastic. The thickness and composition of the film might differ, and different states have various regulations on the amount of darkness that can be used.

Window Tint Lifespan Factors

Window tint has a lifespan that varies depending on numerous factors. There are four key factors that influence how long your tinted windows last. They include window tint quality, installation, environmental variables, and cleaning.

The Window Tint's Quality

Window tint films come in various styles, strengths, and price points. Some are extraordinarily long-lasting, lasting more than a decade in extreme conditions, while others may only last for a year or two. The window tint's quality has a significant impact on its lifespan.

The Procedure for Installation

Window tinting film is applied straight to the windows of your vehicle. Air bubbles and creases in the film might impair the adhesion if the installation is done incorrectly. The color will wear out faster due to this, reducing its lifespan.

Window Tint should always be applied by a professional. They'll ensure the film fits correctly and adheres well to the windows, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible.


Auto window tint will fade over time due to UV rays from the sun and different temperatures. Lower grade colors are more sensitive to sun and high heat deterioration.


Cleaning and maintaining your window tint is a brilliant idea because it will extend the life of the tint. However, keep in mind that some window cleaners can harm your window tint, particularly those containing ammonia. Before you leave with your new tint, inquire about how to clean and maintain your windows from the professionals.

How long does it last?

The typical lifespan of a standard window tint is five years. Higher quality films, such as Xpel, can endure up to ten years. Remember that window tint lifespan will inevitably decrease in time if maintenance isn't done correctly. Improper care of the tint can alter its quality and prevent it from offering the best protection.

Window Tinting at Legendary Auto Salon

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