How long does it take for window tint to cure?

June 15, 2022

Have you considered having your car's windows tinted? Window tint improves visibility for the driver as well as increasing the safety of the occupants by blocking UV rays and glare. The correct window tint can help reinforce the glass, minimize the risk of theft, and improve the vehicle's appearance. Car window tinting has a variety of advantages, and it’s definitely a smart investment. Window tint requires time to cure in order to ensure effective adhesion to the windows, but how long does tint take to cure? Let's find out with Legendary Auto Salon in this article. 

Understanding the process of window tinting

Cleaning the windows inside and outside is the first step in window tinting. The tint is then cut to the exact dimensions of the vehicle's window. The technician will apply the film to the window and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles with a squeegee or similar instrument before inspecting for a flawless fit. The window tint needs time to cure, even if the treatment takes less than a day. Curing can take up to three days, even in perfect weather. On the other hand, temperatures and humidity might alter curing time, which is why you should carefully examine when your windows are properly cured.

Window tinting curing time

After you tint your windows, there are a few things to keep in mind. The term "curing" refers to the time it takes for the color to dry. After your windows have been tinted, wait at least three to four days before rolling them down. Due to the unique adhesive, window tinting requires the application of a thin layer to the windows, which takes a few days to dry.

Three or four days is usually enough time for a window tint to dry on sunny, warm days in the spring and summer. Wet weather and high humidity will extend the drying time even on hot days. When the weather is colder and wetter in the fall and winter, the dry duration will likely exceed four days.

When is the best time to install window tinting?

The optimal time to tint windows is in the spring or fall. The mild temperatures and often low humidity levels experienced during such seasons aid in the correct adhesion of the tint to the glass. Humidity and rain can be a concern in the spring, especially in the south. Nonetheless, these are the ideal times of year to tint your windows.

In the summer, heated air helps the tint cure faster, which is beneficial. On the other hand, high humidity makes tinting challenging to apply. Because the cold weather increases the drying period, you might not be able to get your window tinting installed in the winter.

Window tinting at Legendary Auto Salon

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