How do I remove window tinting?

September 30, 2022

It's a great feature when a car has windows that have been tinted. They block the sun's glare and provide seclusion and a sophisticated look. Unfortunately, window tint has a shelf life, and removing it improperly can leave you with a sticky mess. This article, provided by the professionals at Legendary Auto Salon, will explain the circumstances under which window tinting must be removed and the best methods to use.

When is it necessary to remove window tint? 

The most common reason for wanting to get rid of the window tint in your car is because it is old and faded. Some of the most prevalent arguments against keeping window tint on your vehicle include:


Not only does film with bubbles look awful, but there is also no method to cure them. If you push down on the area where it is bubbling, you could get an unattractive mix of glue and film. On the bright side, the bubbles result from failing adhesive, which makes removal much more straightforward.


You may have changed your mind about getting the windows of your car tinted due to several considerations. It's possible that you don't like the way the interior of your car looks because it's too dark while you're driving at night.


The film may get discolored and begin to look unattractive after a few years, which is more likely to occur if you get a cheaper window film of a lower quality. When the film ages, it will most likely take on a color of purple as it matures. The film will display this color shift most prominently when exposed to sunshine.

Several methods to remove window tinting are available.

Finding the furthest edge of the window tint

To remove a section of the tint that is large enough to hold in your fingers, use the razor blade to pick away at the edge until you can free up a section of the tint. A fantastic strategy is to start from the four corners. Be careful not to damage the glass when using the razor blade. When scraping the glass, use the razor at a shallow angle and keep it near the surface you're working on.

Heating the tint you want to eliminate

The high heat setting of a decent hair dryer may serve as a makeshift heat gun to help remove window tint. Always apply heat in circular movements with your palm about two inches from the glass. It is important not to heat the film until just before you need to remove it from the window since doing so may cause the film to melt if it is left in one place for too long.

Where can you get your old window tint taken off?

You can bring your vehicle to professional detailers like Legendary Auto Salon to remove the window tinting on your car. Legendary Auto Salon is delighted to provide services of high quality at prices that are reasonable no matter what your financial situation is. We can take off your old window tint and replace it with a brand new one of superior quality. We provide the most innovative window films that are currently on the market. Whether you want to prevent the sun from shining in, increase the level of safety in your car, or even remove the tint that is already on your windows, you can rely on the professional window tinting service offered by Legendary Auto Salon to get the job done well and at a reasonable cost. If you require assistance, you can reach us at the following number: 1(518)932-5867, or you can visit our showroom at 75 Carey Rd, Suite 3 Queensbury, NY 12804