Everything you should know about XPEL PPF

March 24, 2022

Paint protection film (PPF) is a great way that you can protect the exterior of your car from hazards. So what is PPF? Why should we consider using PPF? Here is everything you should read about PPF so you can decide whether or not it might be right for you.

What is a Paint Protection Film (PPF)

PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a transparent, flexible film with good heat and impact resistance that is applied to the outside of the car’s painted surfaces. This is a great way to limit scratches from road debris, stone chips and protect your vehicle from UV rays and low impact damage. 

The material of an excellent film can minimize exposure to UV rays, disperse impact forces, and can self heal scratches to a certain extent.  

About XPEL  

With a network covering more than 80 countries in the world, XPEL is the #1 recognized automotive care products and services brand in the United States. Xpel also is the first brand to release self healing paint protection film and is known as the industry leader in PPF.

There are so many choices for PPF, why choose XPEL? What are its main features?

Virtually Invisible

XPEL is a transparent film that is applied on the surface of your car, so it retains the original paint color of your car, ensuring the aesthetics of the vehicle. When applying XPEL PPF , it is so invisible that we can't detect where the film has been installed.

Durable Protection

Thanks to its superior protection, XPEL helps reduce the everyday damage. These are the factors that cause scratches, marks and swirls on your vehicle's surface. Moreover, with its hydrophobic features, XPEL can enhance your vehicle's durability, keeping your car looking new for as long as possible.

Non Yellowing

Thanks to its proprietary formulation, XPEL PPF will not yellow on UV exposure, ensuring film coated areas are virtually invisible. With the application of XPEL's non yellowing paint protection film, you can be sure that your car's paint colors will remain vibrant and vivid.

Long Lasting

XPEL PPF is warranted for 10 years against yellowing, cracking, peeling, discoloration, or hazing. The installation of the film will help ensure that the car's surface is more beautiful, better protected , and maximize resale value.

How to prolong the life of a paint protection film (PPF)?

  • Do not wash the car for 48 hours after applying the film to ensure the film edges do not peel off
  • Limit exposure to direct sunlight and potentially corrosive damaging materials to maintain PPF life as long as possible.

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Protection film, coating, and paint correction services are just a few of the many ways we can help you protect your car. Please contact our professional detailing center today for more information on how to protect your investment !