Does PPF prevent rock chips?

August 31, 2022

Paint protection film is one of the best solutions for protecting your paint job, and it is referred to as PPF. Are you familiar with the various advantages that paint protection film offers for your vehicle? Is there a way to tell whether using PPF will protect against rock chips? How long does protection from PPF last? In the following article, you will find out all the answers and more together with Legendary Auto Salon.

The benefits of using PPF on your vehicle's paint

It has self-healing qualities.

The self-healing quality of PPF is one of its big advantages. The different layers of the film can successfully repair any damage at a surface level. Your vehicle will also be protected from further deterioration with a urethane coating resistant to scratching. The self-healing paint protection is effective when exposed to high temperatures. It is possible to repair exterior damage, such as tiny scratches, by washing your vehicle with warm water or putting it out in the sun. Both of these methods are effective.

It reduces the risk of fading.

Long-term exposure to sunshine may fade your car's paint, making it seem old and uninteresting. Furthermore, the paint may fade unevenly if the automobile is subjected to varied sun angles during the day, necessitating a repainting at some time in the future. PPF prevents fading due to its unique chemical features, which counteract the results of exposure to UV radiation.

It prevents chemical reactions.

Sand and salt are often used to remove snow and ice from roadways. The abrasive properties of these chemicals may cause the paint and other surfaces of your vehicle to get scratched or damaged. They will continue to chip away at the surface, which eventually opens the door for rust to form. In addition, acidic bird droppings and acid rain can also be harmful to your vehicle. PPF protects the vehicle from harmful pollutants, allowing the automobile to preserve its appearance for a longer time.

Will PPF prevent rock chips?

Paint protection film shields your paint job from damage caused by rocks and other road debris. If the film is installed correctly, this will be the result. The top layer of a high quality film is often made from elastomeric polymers, which are resilient and can recover their shape after being bent or stretched.

How long does PPF last?

The actual lifespan of PPF ranges between five and seven years. On the other hand, this may fluctuate quite a bit depending on how the vehicle is used, how often it is serviced, and how much wear and tear it is subjected to. As more time passes, the powers of self-healing will become less effective. This should be anticipated as a natural consequence of normal usage and deterioration over time.

Where should you get paint protection film (PPF) for your car?

PPF (paint protection film) is a practical idea. A thick, flexible layer protects your car's paint against rock chips and scratches. Legendary Auto Salon has options to cover the front of your car, the whole car, or any other area!

Thanks to our PPF, your car will be protected against environmental wear and tear, such as dents, scratches, and rust. We can promise that your automobile will retain its "like-new" appearance for a very long time after we're done installing it since we utilize only the finest materials and cutting-edge methods.

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