Can you apply paint protection film to headlights?

March 24, 2022

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film is a thin, transparent plastic that can be applied to your car's exterior. Using this material creates an extended lasting barrier between your headlights and road debris, it also protects against UV rays which causes color fading!

The film is available in clear or tinted varieties, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. It's easy to apply and can be done yourself with a few simple steps.

Save your headlights from scratches and chips with an innovative new paint protection film that will keep them looking new for years!

Should you apply paint protection film to headlights?

Applying paint protection film (PPF) to headlights can help protect them from road debris and UV degradation, both of which can impede brightness over time. As with any other part of your car that you might want to apply PPF, it's essential to make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the film.

Headlights are an essential safety feature on your car, so it's worth taking some time to protect them. PPF can also help keep headlights looking new for longer, making it a worthwhile investment.

Benefits of using paint protection film for headlights

Prevents UV degradation

Paint protection film applied to headlights will prevent the UV degradation that causes yellowing and hazing.

Protects against road debris

Paint protection film will act as a barrier between your headlights and road debris, protecting them from chips and scratches.

Maintains brightness

Paint protection film will help maintain the brightness of your headlights, keeping them looking new for longer.

How long will the film last before it needs to be replaced or reapplied?

The life of paint protection film depends on several factors, including the type of film you choose, how often you drive, and the weather conditions in your area. Most films will need to be replaced or reapplied after a few years.

However, some films are designed to last longer than others. Make sure you do your research before choosing a paint protection film so that you can find one that fits your needs. Here at Legendary, we work with the industry leader, Xpel PPF.

Applying paint protection film is an easy way to help keep your car looking new for longer! It's a great idea to protect all of the external parts of your vehicle, including the headlights and paint. Be sure to choose a high quality paint protection film that is specifically designed for use on your car. With proper care, the film can last for many years!

Is there a difference in quality between different brands of paint protection film?

The lifespan of the paint protection film will vary depending on the brand and type that you choose. Generally, however, it should last for several years before needing to be replaced or reapplied.

There is a difference in quality between different brands of paint protection film. It's essential to research to find the best option for your needs.

How much does paint protection film cost, and is it worth the investment?

Paint protection film is a great way to keep your headlights looking new for longer. It's essential to research to find the best option for your needs and have it professionally installed. With proper care, paint protection film can last for several years and is well worth the investment!

If you have any additional questions or want to learn more about the different types of film available, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here at Legendary Auto Salon today. We would be happy to help!

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