What is the Recommended Coating Maintenance and why do I need it?

Periodically, LEGENDARY Auto Salon will send you out an automated reminder for a coating maintenance service if your car has received a ceramic coating with us.

What does this service entail?

The service consists of our Level 1 Exterior Reset under most circumstances. This a triple decontamination wash to not only wash the car but also remove embedded ferrous metals, tar, road grime, salts etc from the surface. We then clay bar the vehicle to further clean the pores of the paint/ceramic coating. Finally, if your ceramic coating is still under warranty, we throw in a coating topper that will rejuvenate the beading and self cleaning properties of the coating and keep it going strong.

This is a same day level service and can be turned around in a couple hours under most circumstances.

We recommend that you have this service performed every 6 months on daily drivers in Upstate NY. Annually is usually fine on garage kept, less driven vehicles. Every 24 months or 15k miles is the maximum you can go and maintain the extended warranty on our GYEON Ceramic Coating offerings.

To schedule a Ceramic Coating Maintenance, contact us today.