10 Things your parents never told you about Ceramic Coatings

There are 10 general MainTENance rules you need to know when getting a Ceramic Coating.

1) Do Not Wash your car with chemicals within the first 14 days from Ceramic Coating application.

2) Do Not use automatic car washes

3) Do Not let contaminants, like bird droppings remain on any surface. Remove safely as soon as possible.

4) Do not expose to acid, caustic chemicals and other contaminants you are aware of.

5) You Drive = You Care. Each car is subject to a unique life. The more harsh the life, the more maintenance it requires.

6) IF any damage occurs, please contact LEGENDARY Auto Salon, do not try to fix it on your own.

7) Always wash and dry your car once it is cool and out of direct sunlight, never when the car is hot.

8) Wash your car ever 650 miles or 2 week period.

9) Use LEGENDARY Auto Salon recommended maintenance products such as GYEON Q2M Bathe+/Wetcoat/Cure, IGL Enhancer at least every month.

10) Attend your service every 24 months of 15,000 Miles with LEGENDARY Auto Salon.