Which Vehicle Sounds Like Yours?

Max Protect

Your specialty car. The exclusive series paint offering from factory. Your dream car. Or the car you want to keep completely protected from any level of paint damage. The maximum fun can be had knowing that no part of the car is exposed to paint damage, and to do that we apply our Full Body Paint Protection Film Package. Every exterior paint surface is protected so that you can let go of paint concerns and have fun driving the car as it was meant to be driven. We apply the Full Body Package to Tesla, BMW, Ferrari, Ford Raptors, Mustangs, etc. It is not by any means a “super car” service. It offers complete protection for those who find value in it. We include our Paint Protection Film specific Ceramic Coating in every Full Body Package at no additional cost to provide the maximum experience. Adding the Wheel Coating here is very common as well.

The Daily Driver

The daily driver is a vehicle that is used mostly around town, seeing 40-50 miles between traffic lights. It will see a bit of highway time but mostly used at lower speeds. It will see all four seasons, seeing both hand washing during the warm months and a few touchless car washes during Winter. For this type of use we recommend the Full Front Paint Protection Film Package, and our Level 2 Ceramic Coating Service. With the slower speeds, the Full Front Paint Protection Film will soak up all the impact from the around the town driving while having all edges wrapped and no line break across the hood for a near invisible install. The Level 2 Ceramic Coating is the most capable chemistry offered in terms of what all four seasons will expose the car to. It protects the paint, film, wheels, and windshield.


The "Toy" Car

This is your secondary vehicle that gets taken out for a bit of fun on nice days or the weekends. A few hours drive and then back in the garage. Your Porsche 911, your Corvette, your BMW M car, you fill in the blank. Given that the car will see more enthusiast driving and is more aggressively postured than your daily driver, the Driver’s Package in Paint Protection Film is the best fit. It protects the Front End as well as the lower portions of the car that are most exposed to road debris impact. And since we will be traveling at higher speeds, we want a bit of protection up and around the windshield. For Ceramic Coatings, we often take the Level 1 Ceramic Coating Service and add on the Wheel Coating from the Level 2 Package. Since the car likely is garage kept, it is not exposed to the harsh environment like the year round car. The single layer Ceramic Coating is perfect in terms of looks, protection, and wash maintenance while also protecting the wheels from high temps and aggressive brake dust.


The Rugged Rig

Your Winter ski car. Your summer toy hauler up the mountain. Your expensive work truck that serves work and family duty. A rig that will see contaminated roads often and get plenty dirty. Here we recommend the Driver’s Package again. The rig will travel at higher speeds on contaminated roads and deposit plenty of road debris down the lower sides as well as catch it from the semi in front of them on your trip up the highway. The Level 1 Ceramic Coating is the right choice. The car will see heavy contaminant and harsh winter road chemicals. It will be a tall ask for the coating to reach its maximum life expectancy. And the car will surely have light to mid-level scratches that we’ll want to address at the 3 year mark. It does not make sense to invest in a longer term multi layered coating when we are going to expose it to a harsh environment.